My Account




1. How do I create a new account?
Please click on My Account, at the top right side of the page. You will be prompted to a new page with Returning Customer on your left hand side and New Customer on your right hand side. Select to New Customer on the left hand side. Key in your email address and click Create an Account, this will direct you to a new page. You will need to fill in your details accurately before clicking Submit. Registration should now be completed and you should receive an email confirming your account registration.
2. Why do I need to create an account?
Create an account today, absolutely free! Track order status & shipments, receive member-only discounts, accelerate the checkout process, and much more!
Creating an account will enable you to view your order history, wish list and confirm the delivery address is accurate.
3. How do I update my account information details?
Please click ' My Account' tab to log in to your account. Once you log in to your account you will be able to update your details by clicking 'Edit' and 'Save'. For security reason, we recommend you always make any changes personally or contact us if you encounter any problem.
4. What if I forgot my password?
Please go to 'My Account' tab and click a link that says 'Forgot Password'. Password will only be send to the registered email use to open your Delima Home Account. 
5. How do I change my email preferences?
Updating Your Email Preferences
1. Go to My Account
2. Click on View & Edit Email Subscription Settings under Account Info
3. Click Save, and your information will be updated!
6. How do I change the email or password on my account?
Updating Your Email or Password
1.  Go to My Account
2. Click "Edit Name, Email Address, or Password" in the My Account Info section. You might need to log in if you haven't already.
3. You can change your name, email address, and password on this page.
4. Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page after you've made your changes.
7. How do I update my shipping or billing address?
Updating Your Shipping and Billing Addresses
1.  Go to My Account
2. Click on Manage Address Book under Account Info
3. Here you can add and edit any address you wish as well as designate which addresses should be defaulted to be the shipping and billing addresses.
4. Click Save, and your addresses and preferences will be saved for all future purchases!