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1. Is Delima Home online payment system secure? 
Delima Home takes every precaution to protect our users' information. When you send sensitive information (such as your credit card number) to us via our order form, that information is encrypted and protected with SSL, the current industry-standard encryption protocol. When you are on such SSL-protected page, a picture of a closed lock appears at the bottom or top of some Web browsers. At other times this lock appears open. Another way to tell if you are on a secure page is to look at the address or URL of the page. (Look in the address box or right-click on the page and select "Properties".) These secure SSL-encrypted pages have URLs that start with https:// instead of http://. If you have any questions about security at our Website, please email us.
2. Will I received order confirmation after completion of purchase transaction?
An email will be send out to you within 24 hours upon confirming your order after completion of purchase transaction via email with subject line Delima Home - Order Confirmation. If you don't, please check your SPAM folder or contact us for assistance. 
3. Do you offer a warranty on your products?
Most products with warranty coverage are guaranteed by the suppliers within their specified warranty period. Warranty coverage is indicated on the product details section. Please keep the receipt document shipped with the product for warranty claims. 
4. Do you have Easy Payment Scheme?
We offer credit card installment for Public Bank, Alliance Bank, Hong Leong Bank and Bank Islam cardholders with NO processing fees.
5. What is the shipping rate on orders? 
We provide FREE DELIVERY for any purchase from KL and Selangor, for other state within Malaysia and Singapore relevant shipping rates will apply. Please refer to our Shipping Policy. Combination of few products are allowed for single address in one trip. Please contact us  for arrangement.
6. Do you ship to Sabah and Sarawak ?
We ship our products all of Malaysia which the areas are accessible by our delivery partner. Delivery to Sabah and Sarawak are subject to shipping and transportation availability and this might cause slight delay.
7. Do you ship internationally?
We currently ship within Malaysia (Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak) and Singapore.
8. What kind of assembly service provided?
We do not provide assembly service for knock-down furniture. For some exceptions you will be able to opt whether if you want this extra service, and by choosing it, you will be assured that your purchased product will be assembled by a professional with installation charges. Our standard Shipping charge does not include assembly charges and relevant assembly will apply upon requesting this additional services. We also do not provide installation service for furniture items that require wall mounting. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for more details.
9. What happens when I choose to collect my purchase myself?
We do not have a retail store and for security purposes we cannot allow customers in the warehouse. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.
10. Can you deliver my goods at night or weekend?
Please contact us or email us to make this special arrangement.
11. Do you deliver during Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays?
Please refer to our Shipping Policy. If you require this service, please contact us  for this special arrangement.*Additional shipping charges might apply, or otherwise stated.
12. Can I reject the product upon delivery if I'm not satisfied with it?
You may reject upon delivery if the product is not in a satisfactory condition (damaged, scratched, dented, soiled, different from description etc)  at NO added cost. Please request to check the product condition when delivery man is still there, before you sign the Receiving Note. You may also be require to fill in the Good Return Note upon rejecting the product delivered.
13. How can I make a change or cancel my order? 
You may change or cancel your order prior to shipment of the product(s) within (2) working days of order made by email us OR contact us. Cancellation of custom made, special order product is not allowed.                                                                                                                                        
14. Can I request for custom made order?
Custom made order is allowed. Please email us OR contact us for details.
15. Can I exchange the goods if I don’t really like it after accepting the goods?
You cannot reject the product if you find out that you do not like the goods after the delivery.Please note take actual product might vary slightly from the website picture.
16. How long do I have to wait for my items to be delivered after I make the order?
Delivery is usually within 3-21 working days from our warehouse as per-stated at the individual product's shipping time section, unless the product is out of stock. Shipping time may varied from type of product ordered e.g furniture, homeware etc. You may also be able to select your preferred delivery date by contact us or email us us upon receiving an order acknowledgment via email.
17. What if the furniture doesn't fit well in my home after I've bought it?
Please refer to individual product dimensions before making any final purchases. If still in doubt, please contact us or email us for more details.
18. What happens if the furniture cannot fit into the lift on the day of delivery?
Please refer to individual product dimensions before making any final purchases. If still in doubt, please contact us or email us for more details.
19. What types of payment do you accept?
Credit card, Debit Card, Online Bank Transfer, please refer contact us or email us, or refer to our Terms and Conditions more details.
19.1 Online Bank Transfer details:
Maybank2u, CIMB clicks, PBe, RHBNow, Hong Leong Connect, Bank Islam
19.2 Credit Card & Debit Card details:
Alliance Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Ambank, Bank Islam, CIMB Bank, Maybank, Eon Bank, HSBC Bank, RHB Bank, Public Bank, Stardard Chartered Bank, Affin Bank.
MEPS Affiliate Banks
19.3 Credit Card Installment Plan details:
Public Bank, Alliance Bank, Hong Leong Bank & Bank Islam.
20. Do you accept debit cards?
We accept MasterCard and VisaCard Debit card.
21. My credit card details are not being accepted. What's wrong?
Please check with your bank issuer to rule out errors on their behalf. Our system will accept credit cards payment with OTP or 3D password. This can only be obtained by the credit card user from the issuance bank.
22. Is there somewhere I can go to view the product prior to purchasing?
We are an online only retailer. In order to keep our selection large, prices competitive, and exceptional service we do not have a store front where you can view our products. 
23. Can I buy the furniture now and request to deliver when my new house which will only be ready in the next 2 months?
It can be arrange , as long as your order(s) has been confirmed and full payment has been made. Please contact us or email us to request for this special arrangement.
24. Where can I see the final price for a product?
If you want to see what the final price is for a product, including all potential taxes and fees,     
1. Add all items you wish to purchase into your shopping cart.
2. Then click the shopping cart at the top right hand corner of any page.
3. On the Review Shopping Cart page you are able to review all of your items.
4. Enter in your state to calculate any shipping, handling duties, and tax that may apply.
5. Enter your Promotional/ Gift Vouchers or Gift Certificate code (if any).
6. Right bottom the checkout page is your grand total!
7. * Please note grand total price does not include assembly charges. Assembly charges will calculated later upon request.
25. I've made a bank transfer and I still haven't gotten my confirmation email?
Should you not receiving your confirmation email within 24 hours upon making the payment, please contact us or email us immediately.
26. My items haven't arrived yet. What can I do?
Delivery lead time may vary depending on the product(s) availibility, supplier and your location. A general delivery period is 3- 14 days. You may also track the status of your order with the tracking information that we will provide, thus this is also subject to type of product ordered. For any additional concerns, please contact us or email us us and indicate your order number/id in the subject line. 
27. What happens when the recipient is not home to accept the goods from Delima Home's  delivery man? 
During such an event, our delivery man will take on any of these few actions; this is only applicable for small parcel delivery:
1. If you are not available to take delivery or collection, we may leave a card giving you instructions on either re-delivery or collection from the carrier.
2. Only when instructed by you, we will leave the goods to your neighbour whom is able to receive on behalf. Or to arrange for a next convenient delivery time.
3. Third time delivery attempts will be charged to customer.
For furniture and bulky items order, an appointment will be set in advance before delivery date. Before your order arrives in the area, the carrier will call you to arrange a 2- to 4-hour window for delivery.
28. Returns & Replacement
If the products is due to manufacturing defect, kindly contact us and fill up the Return Slip to arrange for the return. Please take the photo of the defects product with the Return Slip and send it back to us for return approval. Please refer to our Return Policy for more details.
29. How to track my order?
Go to  My Account then go to Order History
If you have more than one order that has shipped, select the specific order number that you'd like to track items from. If the items you'd like to track what have been shipped, the order status will be displayed for you here.
30. How long can I receive my products?
Shipping time may vary depending on the product(s) availibility, supplier and your location. A general shipping time is between 3- 14 days. Delima Home aims to deliver within the time agreed upon purchase. However due to reasons beyond our control, we are sometimes unable to guarantee that all orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame. This could be due to delays in shipments from overseas as well as delayed delivery by third parties. If there is an unforeseen delay, we will contact you by phone or email. Please ensure your shipping address is accurate in the product's shipping section.
31. What about item I have ordered which are out of stock?
In the event of the ordered item is out of stock, we will call you to inform about the affected items and recommend you the similar products. If you can't find the replacement items that you like, we will refund or convert it to store credit for your next purchase.
32. How long would it take for my return and refund to be processed? 
We will immediately process the refund after receipt of the returned item(s). Refunds are typically issued through the same transaction method you used in the original purchase.For example, if you used a credit card as your payment method, the purchase amount will be issued to your credit card. Credit card refunds usually reflect on your billing statement in the following billing cycle. Payments made by bank transfer credited back to the same bank to you by our 3rd Party Service Provider.
33. Will I have to sign for my delivery? 
You will be asked to endorse a Delivery Acceptance Form, in which you confirm that the product(s) was delivered in good condition (without defects or damage). 
34. An item is missing from my shipment?
If you order missing an item, please contact us or email us to verify if all or partial of your items and from which order id, that have a status of "Shipped".
If you have already accepted the package and notice missing or damaged parts, please contact us right away and we will ship you replacement parts free of charge. We usually only have a 48-hours window to lodge claims. If we cannot replace the parts, our carrier will pick up the original package and we will send you a full replacement.
35. My account shows "Shipped" but I haven't received anything?
Most packages arrive by the estimated delivery date listed, It may take an additional day or two for your package to be delivered.
If the package doesn't arrive on the day of the estimated delivery date:
11.1 Check with members of your household, neighbors, doormen, and the front desk to see if someone accepted delivery.
11.2 Look around your delivery area. Carriers try to leave packages in safe locations. Typical spots include under porches, under benches, back doors, and around garages.
11.3 Check your mailbox. Some smaller items are placed there.
11.4 Look for an attempted delivery notice. If the carrier feels it is unsafe to leave your package at your residence, the driver will leave an attempted delivery notice.